Classic Engagement Ring Styles Are Always In Vogue

When discussing the classic engagement ring styles of all time, one image always dominates the list – the famous Tiffany style ring, with a brilliant round-cut diamond proudly secured above a plain band with six prongs.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that this iconic style, named after the famous jewelers Tiffany & Co., has only been around since 1926.

How in the world did people manage to get engaged before that?

For one thing, diamonds were originally a guilty pleasure reserved for the rich and powerful. Today’s rule of thumb is that an engagement ring should cost the groom-to-be approximately two months’ worth of salary.

Before The Stone Age

The formal practice of putting a ring on the finger of your betrothed started in the Middle Ages, but no gems or adornments were used. Called a Posy ring, this simple band of gold was inscribed with a short declaration of love on the outside of the ring.

By the 1700s, gold hearts with rubies became the norm in engagement ring styles, and diamonds soon took over.

Modern couples have an array of engagement rings to choose from, but two classic looks are here to stay: the Tiffany solitaire, and the three-diamond ring.

Tiffany In Good Company

The most famous engagement ring setting, the Tiffany solitaire, is gorgeous for many reasons. The solo diamond, which should be at least one carat in weight, is showcased in its best light by the prongs and open band, which let the facets shine through.

The rich and famous have helped to popularize the Tiffany style. In the 1950s, Actress Grace Kelly became a real-life princess with a 12-carat emerald cut diamond raised high in a solitaire style. This stunning sparkler can be seen on Kelly’s finger in her final movie High Noon.

Elizabeth Taylor has a collection of engagement rings from her frequent nuptials, but none as famous at the whopping 69-carat diamond engagement  presented to her by Sir Richard Burton the second time he married her.

Known as the Cartier diamond, this huge rock is not only incredibly large, it is also a D-color flawless gem. However, you don’t have to aim as high. Experts agree that the perfect size for Tiffany solitaire engagement ring styles is 1.25 carats.

Although the round brilliant diamond is often associated with this classic style, Tiffany style engagement rings are now made with cushion-cut, pear and heart-shaped diamonds.

Three’s A Crowd-Pleaser

Far from the maddening crowd, you’ll find the classy and classic three-diamond engagement ring styles that women have sported since the 1930s. While the three-stone ring tends to cost more than a solitaire, the style is steeped in tradition: the three gems are meant to represent the couple’s past, present and future.

The three diamonds can be perfectly matched in this setting, but more often the ring has one large diamond in the center flanked by two smaller gems.

In short, the timeless appeal of classic engagement ring styles can be adapted to your personal taste and lifestyle with a wide selection of diamond shapes and bands. You can choose the setting (classic, cathedral or contour), try different shapes and even add colored gemstones.

The ideal choice in classic engagement ring styles is a tried-and-true traditional design with a few personal touches from you.

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