Choosing Unique Engagement Ring Styles – Halo Engagement Rings

You may not understand your bride-to-be’s obsession with halo engagement ring styles, but I do. From the moment I agreed to purchase my fiancée a halo style ring, my life suddenly got easier.

At first I assumed that more diamonds around the center stone must surely mean more money out of pocket, but I was mistaken.

A halo setting, which technically means the main stone is surrounded by a luxurious circle of micro-pave diamonds, can actually save you money.  The effect is both an accent that makes the ring “pop.” and a way of telling the world you’re hip.

The Fickle Finger Of Fame

With all the engagement ring styles available to them, the rich and famous have opted for regal halo rings for the past several years.

For a short while, Carrie Underwood’s eye-popping halo engagement ring was more famous than she was.

Jennifer Garner, Natalie Portman, and Maria Carey have also shown off their halo rings to the paparazzi  And who can forget the oft-copied classic halo setting of the famous engagement ring gifted to Kate by Prince William? It was a stately 18-carat sapphire encircled in a halo of diamonds to die for.

Size Matters… (But Not As Much)

So here’s why my life became a breeze by agreeing with my fiancée’s choice of a contemporary halo style; you can go with a smaller diamond or other gemstone in the center.  Yes I said it. You can reduce the karat weight of your precious gem by about 25 percent and the ring will still retain the same dazzle.

I think it’s a smoke-and-mirrors optical illusion.

A dazzling circle of diamonds also opens up the popular option of using a colored gem in lieu of a diamond. Prince William broke the ice (pun intended) with his sapphire masterpiece, and now large, colorful engagement ring styles are everywhere. If your budget can handle it, consider a sizeable yellow diamond wrapped in a halo of perfect white diamonds.

Yes, It Comes From French Word For Paved

A halo of pave diamonds (pronounced Pah-Vay) – cut in small angular shapes to be set in clusters – is gorgeous when created by a true craftsman who takes pride in his work and his materials. Nowadays, most jewelers are able to simulate the pave look, and some inexpensive engagement ring styles use templates for a pave effect.

The other thing I wanted to point out is that halo engagement rings require lots of diamonds, and diamonds are expensive. There’s really no point in simulating a pave halo with a load of insignificant diamond chips. Expect to pay at least $2,000 – $2,500 for a chic halo ring, or else you might be better off with a simpler style.

There are halo engagement ring styles in all price ranges and they retail from $600 to 6 million and beyond, but the cheapest ones look flimsy.

Halo, Good Buy

In conclusion, I learned that a tasteful halo of diamonds adds both gleam and value to almost any engagement ring.  Since then, I have started noticing women’s engagement rings more often, and I see that most women do not have this simple yet elegant embellishment.

That’s why I’m so glad that my wife opted for a halo style, even though she’s not always an angel.

Oh, my little halo ring, you trendiest of engagement ring styles, I will always cherish you – you had me at “halo.”

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