Cheap Engagement Rings – Set The Price With The Right Setting

If you’re trying to hold down cost and shop for cheap engagement rings, the setting is one of the many ways you can save money.

There are three key areas you should be concerned with when it comes to the price of ring settings: style, metal and research. Knowing a little about all of these can save you money and get you the best value for your investment.

You’ve Got Style

The style of a ring whether we are talking about cheap engagement rings or expensive will have a lot to do with the cost. Your simple band, pronged solitaire is probably the most inexpensive setting you will find. More elaborate designs, using tensions or bezels to attach the stone to the ring will drive the price up.

You can also count on rings like Celtic engagement rings with intricate designs and often custom made bands to increase setting cost fairly drastically. Just keep in mind if you save on the setting, you could spend more on the stone.

What Kind Of Metal Are You Made Of?

You can find cheap engagement rings in a variety of metals starting with silver. Traditionally engagement rings have been made of gold, both white and yellow. Gold is more expensive than silver and you also have to watch out what percentage of gold you’re buying.

When you see 24 karat or 24k gold they are referring to solid gold and it is not usually recommended for everyday jewelry because it is so soft. Most of your quality rings are made from 18k gold which is 75% gold.

You will find rings with 10k, 14k, 18k and 24k on the market and as the numbers gets smaller so does the percentage of gold used to make it. The 10k gold ring would be the lowest cost, but also the lowest value.

Today’s market place also uses a variety of other high priced metals to make engagement rings. Platinum is very popular, stronger and more expensive than gold. Titanium and Tungsten are also being used, as well as combinations of some of these metals.

Multi-colored rings, and rings of these very precious metals can be found, but when you are looking at cheap engagement rings, their elimination can step you closer to the cost you are trying to find.

Ask Her Without An Accent

One last way you can cut down on the cost of settings for cheap engagement rings is by eliminating accents. Accents are the adornments on the ring next to the stone or actually on the band of the ring itself.

Sometimes these accents have additional stones which can really add to the cost. Accents also add weight to the ring, meaning more precious metal in most cases. Keep the setting plain and simple with little or no accents can save you 20% or more on the setting.

There is a large pool of cheap engagement rings out there just waiting to be discovered. Choosing the right setting is just one way to reduce cost. The main thing to keep in mind while protecting your pocketbook is you want to find a ring that expresses to her your desire to spend the rest of your life together. That in itself is priceless.

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