Cheap Engagement Rings – Is It for You?

You’re ready to ask the question, but are you ready to pay the price? Cheap engagement rings can buffer the expense of the future wedding and life style changes and just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it has to be “cheap”.

Great bargains are available, but there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind.

It May Be Cheap, But It Sure Is Ugly!

Buying cheap engagement rings can be like walking through a mine field. The path is there you just need to watch where you step.

There are a lot of ways to find cheap rings, but don’t think you have to buy ugly. There are plenty of bargains in the market place, and many times more cost doesn’t necessarily mean better quality.

Getting online and learning about all the engagement ring options is one of the best ways to ensure you get the best quality you can find for the least amount of money.

 I See You And I Raise You One!

One of the unspoken things that keep more people from buying cheap engagement rings is the one-upmanship that goes on in some circles of friends. Each trying to out-do, or out spend the other.

Buying engagement rings shouldn’t be a competition, though a lot of people fall into this trap. It should be about finding a unique ring that expresses how you feel about her. Going into serious debt to out-do someone with deeper pockets is immature and foolish. Keep it about her.

Know When To Hold’em

Expectations can play a big part in your decision to look at cheap engagement rings or head for the high end.

Women who come from high profile families or wealthy families may have a much higher quality and expense standard than those who come from middle class. Going too cheap here can really be a downfall.

You have to live within your means and she should have some idea of the standard of living you are going to provide her with. However, keep in mind, that spending on an engagement ring is relative to how you spend on other things.

If you blow $500 on a weekend drinking with the boys and then only cough up a couple of hundred bucks for an engagement ring, you need to get your priorities straight or you’re headed for big trouble. Don’t go cheap just for the sake of being cheap.

Bring In The Clowns

While buying cheap engagement rings can be a boom to one’s pocket book and maybe loosen us some much needed cash, you need to keep in mind what this means to your bride. This gift will be something she keeps and wears for the rest of her life. It is also something she wants to be proud of and show off to all her friends.

Knowing the woman you are going to marry will help you out here. There are a lot of women who don’t really place that much importance on their engagement ring or the cost of it. Some women even prefer that you spend less on the engagement ring and more on the wedding ring.

Whether you go with cheap engagement rings or expensive ones, you want to find something that is unique, expresses what she means to you and shows her that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Even if you don’t want to spend it in debt.

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