Cheap Engagement Rings – Finding Treasure On Weird Places

Searching for cheap engagement rings might take you to some places you never expected to go. Don’t let that turn you off, some of the best deals for the money can be had at some of the oddest places.

Junkies Know Where The Deals Are

Going to junk stores is a great way to find cheap engagement rings. You may not want to tell everyone where you found it, but you can run across some fantastic buys of rings that are way underpriced for their value.

Many times, these people have bought large lots of jewelry at auctions where people have sold off belongings of deceased relatives just to get rid of them.

Even if you don’t like the setting or it’s just plain hideous, you can often find great stones for next to nothing that could be reset in a new ring and still be big bucks ahead.

Good Enough For Them, Good Enough For Me!

If junk store owners can find great buys at auctions, so can you. You might have to buy more jewelry than just the ring you wanted, but the prices a lot of this stuff goes for would allow you to take the ring and pitch the rest while still saving a trunk load of money.

Or you could give the rest of the jewelry to your new bride if she finds something she likes. The possibilities are endless.

You’re Just Another Pawn In The Game Of Life

Pawn shops usually have a large selection of cheap engagement rings. You can find some real steals in these shops, just make sure you know what you’re looking at or get the option to have it appraised.

Don’t forget to look at other diamond rings besides the engagement rings. A great buy on a diamond or any other precious stone, put in another setting may be just the ticket for bringing home a cheap price while delivering an awesome ring.

Momma, He’s Crazy

You may think this is a little out there, but your mom, favorite aunt, an uncle, or old acquaintance might have some old rings they never wear or that have lost their sentimental value to them. Often they are just stuck away in a drawer some place.

See if you can raid their jewelry box and come away with a great ring or at least some great stones. If you explain how you’re having to look at cheap engagement rings and trying to come up with something unique, they are often more than happy to be a little part of your love life. Just make sure you ask first.

Ebay Baby!

This may seem a little cynical but there are plenty of cheap engagement rings out there up for grabs because something didn’t work out for someone. Often there is a bit of emotions playing here and they just want to get rid of the thing or they want to practically give it away just to be done with it.

Checking Ebay, classifieds (both online and in papers) and any other online source you can think of that is out of the ordinary, might just land you the perfect ring for much less than its value.

Shopping for cheap engagement rings can be a lot of fun, just like a treasure hunt. So, get looking and don’t forget to leave no stone unturned!

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