Cheap Engagement Rings – Cut The Stone, Cut The Price?

The cut of the stone can mean a great deal when you’re looking at cheap engagement rings. With hundreds of different settings, stone cuts and quality grades, understanding a little bit about how stone cuts can make prices fluctuate drastically can be a big help in assisting you to make the best choice for the money.

A Cut Above The Rest?

You would think that the difficulty in cutting a stone would make the price go up or down, but that is not necessarily true. In fact the market demand has more of an influence on the cost of a certain diamond cut than anything else.

The most expensive of cuts is the Ascher cut, mainly because one company holds the patent to this cut making them the most exclusive. They are also growing in popularity because of this exclusivity pushing their cost even higher.

The most popular cut, is the round cut. This cut has very specific guidelines, making it a precision cut. Because of the precise way it is to be done and the fact that the rules of the cut are so specific, its cost are quite high. The popularity of this cut has also artificially inflated the price somewhat as well.

If you looking at cheap engagement rings you are probably wondering what is the cheapest cut. Ovals, Marquise and pear shaped diamonds cost less per carat and have just as big of spread as rounds, meaning they appear just as big carat for carat.

Should I Take A Fancy To Her?

Fancy cut is a term applied to all cuts that are not round. When you are pursuing cheap engagement rings, you should take a word of caution when it comes to fancy cuts.

While these cuts can sometimes appear to have more diamond for your money, many of the cuts are difficult to get a true carat measure because there are not specific rules and guidelines for the cut.

This leaves an opening for diamond cutters to leave more of the rough cut on the diamond which in turn causes the diamonds not to have as perfect of a shine as is possible. In simple terms, they leave a lot more opportunity for jewelers to sell you a poorer cut of stone for your money.

Another pitfall with fancy cut diamonds is they can have the bowtie effect which is a shadow that shows up when looking into the diamond. Some jewelers will even try to tell you that good fancy cut diamonds all have this effect. The opposite is true, if the diamond has the bowtie shadow it was not cut properly.

Low Down And Dirty

There are a lot of less than scrupulous jewelers on the market today, as there has always been. Many jewelers play all sorts of games to get you to buy the stock they have, quality or not.

When you are looking at cheap engagement rings, it is more important than ever to make sure “cheap” doesn’t end up meaning poor quality. Jewelers will sometimes try to sell you poorly cut diamonds as more expensive cuts, cloudy diamonds for colored diamonds and diamonds with flaws being explained away as properties of the cut.

The best thing you can do is go online and arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can before you start to shop. Ovals, Marquise and pear shaped diamonds can be great values when looking at cheap engagement rings, while providing her with a very unique and beautiful gift. Just remember to learn all you can before you buy, so cheap doesn’t end up being too cheap.

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