Cheap Engagement Rings – Are You Part Of The Herd?

Don’t you dare wrinkle your nose to cheap engagement rings! Do you follow traditions without even knowing why they exist in the first place?

You would be shocked to know how the diamond industry is like a well-oiled machine, controlling the scarcity of the stone so you have to pay more and more, while being lead to believe you actually don’t love your future bride if you decide to go the “cheap” route.

Diamond, Diamond, Who’s Got The Diamond?

One of the first things you need to know is why diamonds have always been such a high priced precious stone and why engagement rings have traditionally been with diamonds. In the beginning there was no such thing as cheap engagement rings, because of the scarcity of diamonds kept the price high.

Up until the discovery of diamond mines in South Africa in 1870 all diamonds were found in streams and small deposits more than anything else. Once the mines of Africa were discovered there was a fear of the price plummeting with available quantities skyrocketed. Enter DeBeers Consolidated Mining, LTD, a company put together to control and monopolize the diamond industry, and has done so with considerable success.

Part of controlling the market, meant controlling how diamonds are perceived. DeBeers started a huge advertising campaign in the United States, starting in the 1930’s, using movies, movie stars and glamour magazines adorning stars with diamonds and always giving diamond engagement rings for proposals, planting the seed that everyone must give a diamond ring for a proposal.

DeBeers can also be credited with the slogan “Diamonds are forever” a successful advertising campaign for over seven decades to convince the American Public, that diamonds were keepsakes and should never be sold. This insured them the used diamond market would never threaten the sale of new diamonds. All this being said leads to one point. There are great bargains in the market place today and just because you paid less, doesn’t mean you didn’t get a great value.

Traditional Values

The actual tradition of giving diamonds in engagement ring was one of DeBeers most successful campaign. Today as more diamonds are readily available, getting good stones for less money is a common occurrence assisting in the search for cheap engagement rings.

However, don’t rule out the possibility of giving a different type of stone. Princess Di had a Sapphire in the middle of her engagement ring, one that her son recently passed on to his bride. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are gaining in popularity in the engagement ring market, because of uniqueness and the desire to have something that isn’t seen on every hand.

I Feel So Used

One way of getting cheap engagement rings is to buy a used one. Now, un-wrinkle you nose and think about this for a second.

There is a huge market out there selling used rings, many of them antique and vintage. These rings can offer you the chance to buy a lot more ring for your money. Due to the dominance of DeBeers for decades, holding down the price of used diamonds, the prices you will find don’t reflect a lot of the artificially high prices you see in new engagement rings today.

Get With The Time, Go Online

The best market for cheap engagement rings is the internet. You can not only shop all the outlets from the comfort of your office or home, but you can compare prices, learn about quality and find the location you want to visit without having to spend a dime on $3 a gallon gasoline. Take all the money you would have spent on gas and buy a better ring!

In the final analyst, buying cheap engagement rings doesn’t mean buying cheap quality. It means being a frugal shopper, investigating the market place and buying more for your money. The rings itself, no matter the price should reflect the way you feel about the one you love, and be an expression of those feelings.

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