Celtic Engagement Rings – Aye, Tis A Lucky Charm for Sure

There are few rings that can conjure up more romance, mythology or spirituality than Celtic engagement rings. These wonderfully crafted rings carry the message of love and understanding to a level like no other with their historical and cultural symbolism. No search for engagement rings can be complete without at least exploring the mystery around Celtic rings and their growing popularity.

Old As Dirt, Young As The Heart

Celtic engagement rings have a history that dates as far back as 600 A.D., where the trinity knot first started showing up in Celtic jewelry.

Irish craftsman were already world-renown for their outstanding ability to create from precious metals. These artisans felt it their duty to create pieces that were rich in tradition, history and spirituality tying all who possessed them to the past.

Each ring was designed to outwardly show that a couple was starting a new life together, while custom designs also possessed hidden proclamations of the couple’s love, through symbolism.

The tradition, history and symbolic designs that Irish artisans created from the beginning are still held in high esteem today. Their engagement ring styles are rooted in heritage, because they feel it is more important than ever for young couples to be tied to their past, to flourish in the future.

Knot, Knot, Who’s There?

There are various designs of Celtic engagement rings, many of which are referred to as knots, due to their appearance of woven ribbon. The oldest and one of the most popular is the trinity knot.

This design is sometimes called by its original name Triquetra, which means trinity and was created to show the embrace of the holy trinity and Christianity by the Celtic people. Celtic engagement rings will often feature this knot, which has three strands woven through the band.

Another popular design used for Celtic engagement rings is the lovers knot. This design usually entails having two symbols of infinity intertwined to be as one. Two of the most common symbols used are the Heron and Creyr; signs of the creator and the carrier of babies, much like we think of the stork.

The Celtic cross is often used in the creation of Celtic engagement rings as well. The symbol has a cross with more of an open bow at the top symbolizing the halo around Christ head. The Celtic cross is said to symbolize God’s eternal love for us, by giving us his only son.

Probably the most well-known Celtic design is the Claddagh. This design is said to designate love and friendship. You often see it on friendship bands worn by a multitude of people.

Who Dunnit?

About now you may be saying to yourself, well, all of that is pretty interesting, but who really chooses this type of ring for an engagement ring?

Most likely the most well-known person who had a Celtic engagement ring was Princess Diana. Her ring was crowned with a large sapphire surrounded by a ring of diamonds. The Celtic design adorning the ring was the trinity knot. Recently, Prince William presented Kate Middleton with his mother’s ring to announce their engagement.

Other greats included Grace Kelly, who became Princess Grace of Monaco. Her ring was a solitaire diamond complimented by the trinity knot on both sides of the stone.

The most famous American to ever have an engagement ring with Celtic design was Jackie Kennedy. Here flamboyant ring was bejeweled with emeralds and diamonds, complemented by the trinity knot; her center stone being an emerald with diamonds on each side.

For Thee Only

One of the things making Celtic engagement rings rise in popularity is their symbolic messages often containing intimate words known only to the bride and groom. This appeal often leads to custom made rings that can include a variety of different symbols, communicating special messages of love and promises.

If you should choose to go the custom ring route, be prepared to pay a little more and make sure you allow more time for your ring to be ready. That being said, paying a little more and waiting a little longer is a small price to pay for the lasting enjoyment of a unique engagement ring that truly states how you feel for her.

If You Love Me You’ll Care For Me

The intricate designs of Celtic engagement rings are eye catching and unique. However, that same intricacy that gives them their lasting charm also means a little extra care should be given to these rings.

Intricate carved designs need to be cleaned more often and special care should be taken with any unique engraving not to deform or deface it. In today’s Celtic engagement rings, gold, silver and sometimes titanium are used to make sure the ring solidly holds its shape. Make sure you know that your jewelry cleaner is safe on all of the precious metals that make up your ring.

Everybody Wants To Get Stoned

The charm of Celtic engagement rings thoughtful carvings also lend themselves to a multitude of different colored stones. Besides diamonds, emeralds are often used to signify the green of the Irish, and sapphires are a nice alternative as well.

Many times several different types of stones are used together like in the examples we talked about with Princess Di and Jackie Kennedy. Using stones beyond the traditional diamond can produce unique and lovely settings that along with Celtic knots can give you an individuality not found with any other style of engagement rings.

Luck Of Irish, Don’t Fail Be Now

When you begin your search for Celtic engagement rings, it is a good idea to seek out a source who is familiar with the symbolism of the Celtics along with the typical understanding of a jeweler. Although Celtic engagement rings can be found at estate sales and in pawn shops, one of the main purposes behind going with a Celtic ring, beyond their beauty is the symbolic meanings of the design.

Searching online is always a great place to begin your quest for the pot of gold soon to be your bride’s pride and joy. You can quickly find jewelers who deal in Celtic design and also find the ones who do custom creations. Don’t leave your chances up to luck. Find a reputable dealer who is familiar with not only the meanings of the symbols, but also the construction of durable intricate designs that will create your Celtic heirloom.

Of all the opportunities you’re presented with when trying to select an engagement ring that tells her the story in your heart, Celtic engagement rings can say the most. Steeped in an inherent history of love, romance and spiritual belief, they offer you the opportunity to say, “I love you” in the most profound and romantic way. Aye, isn’t there a wee bit of Irish in us all?