Celtic Engagement Rings – The Trinity Knot

Many celtic engagement rings feature the trinity knot, also known as the triquetra. This design can be seen throughout celtic art, from the earliest forms to modern day jewelry. It is a unique symbol that has been interpreted by different people depending on their background and beliefs.

Three Cornered

The term “triquetra” is from the Latin for “three-cornered “. The trinity knot is a continuos design that has three intertwined leaf like shapes that form a three pronged design. In celtic engagement rings, the trinity knot is often used as an accent, sometimes set on the sides of a center stone or claddagh ring.

The trinity knot is sometimes encased in a triangular outline to enhance its shape, though most celtic knots are surrounded by a circle to represent unity and an unbreakable bond.

Religious Themes

Of course the trinity knot is easily associated with Christianity. The trinity knot is commonly found on celtic engagement rings of Christian couples because of its religious symbolism. In the Christian belief, the triquetra represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Those who consider themselves religious or spiritual but not aligned with the Christian church interpret the symbol slightly differently. It is said by some to represent the Creator, Destroyer, and Sustainer.

Family Ties

An easy association to make between the trinity knot and celtic engagement rings is the theme: Past, Present, Future. This idea, made popular by DeBeers with their three stone ring fits well with the triquetra. Each prong of the design represents a phase of the couple’s relationship and the endless intertwining of those phases further represents the evolution of their love.

Beyond that, the trinity knot can be used to represent Mother, Father, and Child. Perfect for the couple who is looking to soon welcome a child into their lives.

Holistic Design

For those who take more stock in nature and human potential, a holistic interpretation can be made. The trinity knot can easily represent the Mind, Body, Spirit and the connection between the two. A double triquetra, a design with two interlocking trinity knots is an excellent representation of the joining of two persons in all three forms, mind, body and spirit.

Other holistic interpretations of celtic engagement rings with the trinity knot are Power, Intellect, Love and Thought, Feeling, Emotion. Each individual can come up with their own unique interpretation giving their ring special meaning and sentiment.

Ancient Interpretation

It is believed that in ancient Celtic culture, the trinity knot represented the Great Mother, a deity who had three phases and was associated with the seasons, lunar phases, and fertility.

The Great Mother’s three sides were Virgin, Mother and Crone. At the time, the seasons were divided into three phases, spring, summer and winter which correspond with the faces of the goddess.

Where To Buy

Celtic engagement rings can be found virtually anywhere. Celtic art has found a resurgence in recent years and is enjoyed by all different kinds of people. The biggest selection of jewelry can be found online. Here, you can shop for authentic designs created by craftsmen in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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