Celtic Engagement Rings – The Lover’s Knot

The lovers knot is a common theme found in celtic engagement rings. There are a variety of lover’s knots and they have evolved through the ages. Endless folklore and tales accompany this romantic design which is a favorite among celtic art fans.

Ancient Design

The lovers knot so common on celtic engagement rings today is said to be carved into ancient rock at Meigle in Perhshire, Scotland. This primitive design features four triquetras, or three cornered knots, enclosed in a circle. The pattern is made from one continuous line and is said to represent eternity, fidelity, and unity.

The traditional form is not seen as much in celtic engagement rings because the circle is somewhat difficult to incorporate into jewelry. Purists, however, leave the design in its original form, often leaving setting the lovers knot in the center, in the place where a diamond or gemstone might normally go. This non-stone engagement ring is very striking and sure to start a conversation.

Sailors Sentiment

An evolution of the lovers knot comes from Celtic sailors who spent months away from their loved ones at sea. This design is made from two intertwined ropes, creating a clear heart motif. Modern celtic engagement rings often feature this variation because it can be easily interpreted into jewelry.

This version of the lovers knot, like its primitive form, is extremely romantic. The use of two lines instead of one better represents a couple and the intricate joining of the two to become one pattern where the two lines are indistinguishable from one another.

Modern Interpretation

With celtic art so popular in not only jewelry but tattoo, woodwork, and clothing, there have been many modern interpretations of traditional designs such as the lovers knot. A quick online search will yield thousands of images, each one slightly different from the one before.

For celtic engagement rings, the lovers knot is often simplified in modern pieces. Because of the complexity of the original design, they can be difficult to incorporate into a ring. A very simple version of the lovers knot is a single metal wire, wrapped into a loose knot, looking like a heart (or a pretzel if you’re hungry). This design can be left plain or set with a diamond or gemstone.

Other artists will take the original lovers knot design and take it out of the circular pattern, turning it into a band with a diamond on gemstone set in the center.

Shopping Guide

There are so many places to find unique celtic engagement rings with the lovers knot theme. Online, there are an overwhelming number of craftsmen and women who have their one-of-a-kind work for sale. Sites like Etsy, which feature handmade artwork including jewelry, are a great place to look for something special.

Some local jewelers may carry a selection of celtic engagement rings, though it’s bound to be limited unless the owner has a particular interest in these designs. Many communities will hold Celtic festivals or Renaissance festivals which are great places to meet celtic inspired jewelers in person and try on their wares.

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