Celtic Engagement Rings – The Celtic Knot

Celtic engagement rings are a special symbol of love and commitment. Every little detail carries a unique message and hidden meaning. Interlace patterns can be seen as early as the third century A.D. in Roman and Byzanitine architecture. Celtic art is traced back to 450 A.D. with intricate patterns of spirals, steps, and keys.

History Of The Celtic Engagement Rings

Many celtic engagement rings feature the celtic knot, a complex pattern that delicately weaves in and out of itself. Because these knots seem to have no beginning or end, they are perfectly suited for engagement rings and are a symbol of eternity.

Celtic engagement rings can feature a variety of celtic knots including the lovers knot, the trinity knot or the celtic cross. A popular motif is the claddagh ring which features a heart nestled between two hands topped by a crown.

Meaning Of The Celtic Knot

Each celtic knot has its own unique meaning but each one is a symbol of eternity and nature. The knot patterns originally were created to represent animals, plants, and people. In celtic engagement rings, the celtic knot is a symbol of a couple’s relationship, a joining of two lives and how they become infinitely intertwined.

The love knot is especially important in celtic engagement rings. This pattern looks like repeating hearts, woven in an endless pattern. The design can either be in a band style continuing around the finger or broken and used on either side of a center stone such as a diamond.

Authentic Celtic Engagement Rings

Though celtic engagement rings are created all around the world, the most authentic designs are crafted in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. In the age of the Internet, it is easier than ever to shop internationally. There are a plethora of celtic jewelers who create celtic engagement rings ranging from traditional to modern.

There is no match for a hand crafted ring. To have someone take the time and care to create a beautiful celtic design by hand is very special. Most rings today, however, are reproductions, cast from an original model. Modern technology such as CAD/CAM makes it possible to create unique celtic engagement rings easily and affordably.

Silver And Gold

Celtic engagement rings look great in any metal. Traditionally, white metals are the preferred metal for engagement rings. Celtic designs are easy to find in sterling silver and white gold, options may be fewer for platinum styles. Yellow gold is also suitable for celtic engagement rings. Higher karats, such as 18kt are used in rings coming from Europe, giving a rich, greenish tone to the gold.

Not Just For The Irish

Celtic engagement rings aren’t limited to people with irish or celtic heritage. These beautiful patterns can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates fine detail and symbolism. Choose a traditional celtic knot that represents your relationship, or create your own special knot.

Drawing inspiration from celtic knots, you can create your own unique pattern repeating symbols that have significance to you. You can also intertwine letters or initials to hide messages in a beautiful scrolling design. Find a jeweler who hand makes jewelry or uses CAD/CAM technology to bring your custom design to life.

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