Celtic Engagement Rings – The Celtic Cross

Religious couples are often drawn to celtic engagement rings that feature the celtic cross pattern. Legend and folklore surround the celtic cross, as do groups of people quick to claim the design as their own. Ultimately, this pattern, like other celtic knots is a symbol of eternity.

The Legend Of St. Patrick

The very first celtic cross is said to have been created by St. Patrick. According to legend, he was preaching to a group of Druids, hoping to convert them to Christianity. On a sacred rock was a circle representing the moon goddess. St Patrick is said to have drawn a Latin cross through the circle, creating the celtic cross.

Pagans are quick to note that the celtic cross is not an original Christian design. In fact, Celtic Christianity often combined Pagan symbols with their own early symbols to give converts some familiarity, making it easier for them to embrace the new religion.

Traditional Design

Celtic engagement rings with the celtic cross are often very traditional in design. There is not much modern interpretation with this pattern which has been well preserved, perhaps out of reverence for its symbolism.

The celtic cross is a circle with two perpendicular, intersecting lines. The Christian celtic cross has a longer vertical axis. The cross itself is often ornate, decorated with various celtic knot patterns.

Celtic Cross Rings

The celtic cross can be somewhat cumbersome to incorporate into celtic engagement rings. Often, the ring will feature two celtic crosses, one on either side of the center stone. This design clearly looks like an engagement ring, and is a great way to combine an ancient design into a modern piece of jewelry.

Another way that the celtic cross is featured in celtic engagement rings is to have the cross wrap around the finger. In this design, the vertical axis of the cross becomes the band that slips over the finger. The circle in the center can be left blank for a no-stone engagement ring or it can be set with a diamond or colored gemstone.

Yet another variation is to set the cross in its traditional orientation in the center of the ring. The shank, or band, can be either plain or embellished with a celtic design.

His And Hers

Many couples who choose celtic engagement rings will choose a matching celtic wedding band. Even if you didn’t go with the celtic cross motif in the engagement ring, a wedding band is a great place to incorporate the design. Matching wedding bands are the choice for most couples and the celtic cross is easy to find in a band style.


Celtic engagement rings can be found in a variety of metals including traditional choices like sterling silver and gold or newer options like Tungsten and palladium. While most bridal jewelry is made of white metal, celtic jewelry doesn’t have to hold to that tradition.

Yellow gold is a very popular choice for celtic engagement rings. If gold is too expensive, consider a two tone option with sterling silver and 18kt yellow gold. The contrast between the soft white silver and the bright yellow gold will be very striking.

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