Celtic Engagement Rings – Is It For You?

Celtic engagement rings are unique and interesting. So many people appreciate their design whether they have Irish roots or not. But some people just don’t like the style. The trick is making sure that you don’t end up buying your gal something she hates. How can you tell?

Luck Of The Irish

The biggest tip off that she’s into celtic engagement rings is her love of the Irish. Is St. Patrick’s Day bigger than Christmas for your gal? Does she dream of going to Ireland? Has she already been 15 times? Does she have other celtic jewelry?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re on the right path with celtic engagement rings. Because of their origin, celtic rings naturally strike a chord with the Irish loving folk.

If you answered no, that doesn’t mean she won’t like a celtic design, there are many more reasons why celtic engagement rings are so popular.

An Eye For Design

Celtic engagement rings have a very intricate design to them. Most often, they are comprised of detailed knots that seemingly have no end and no beginning. These unique designs are appealing to so many couples – even those with no ties to the “Old Country”.

Each celtic knot has its own special meaning. For that reason, these engagement rings are considered very personal and very romantic. You can choose a design that has a sort of secret message or profession of love.

Nature Lovers

Celtic engagement rings are especially popular among nature lovers. Most celtic knots are inspired by nature and celtic designs often feature animals, plants, and flowers.

These rings have a very organic feel to them, another reason they appeal to nature lovers. The tree of life is a very popular celtic design, holding special meaning to the Celtic people.

Hopeless Romantic

Aside from the obvious motifs like the love knot, celtic engagement rings are perfect for the bride who can’t get enough romance in her life. A traditional Celtic design is the Claddagh ring. There may not be another engagement ring style that holds this much sentiment.

The Claddagh ring features a heart in the center of two hands with a crown on the top. This ring has been a staple in celtic engagement rings, used as both a symbol of love and friendship.

The way you know a claddagh ring is being worn as an engagement ring is the hand it is worn on and the direction it faces. If the ring is worn on the right hand, facing out, it shows you are available. Wearing the ring on the left hand with the heart facing towards oneself shows that heart has been taken.

Something Different

Maybe your gal doesn’t fit any of the above, but you’re still thinking about celtic engagement rings. If she’s into unique jewelry and appreciates having something that her friends don’t – you might be on to something.

While celtic engagement rings are very popular, they still aren’t mainstream, meaning it’s highly unlikely her best friend is going to be showing one off.

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