Asscher Cut Engagement Rings – Make Her Shine Like a Star

The search has begun, and you want to find a ring that accents her beauty and elegance. Asscher cut engagement rings should be at the top of your list. An ageless cut that has been around for over a hundred years, but is still one of the most popular, sought after diamond engagement rings on the market today.

Red Carpet Treatment

If you’re thinking of really giving her the red carpet treatment when you present her with that “perfect” ring, then you should be considering Asscher cut engagement rings. Why? Well, for one thing, it is one of the top choices for the red carpet crowd. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Elizibeth Hurley all have proudly sported Asscher cut engagement rings.

Of course just because the stars buy them doesn’t mean it’s right for her, but when you consider these are generally wealthy people who could buy any cut they want, it makes you stop and think. These are people who have high visibility careers and they choose to be seen with or show off these unique engagement rings, there must be some reason. Exclusivity being at the top of the list.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed…

So, what makes Asscher cut engagement rings so special? Well, they have quite a pedigree attached to them for one. This cut was developed in 1902, in Amsterdam, Holland by the Asscher brothers. These gentlemen wanted to develop a special cut all to their own and use it as a trade mark for their company.

Obviously, they were successful. Even though the original cut was all but discontinued during the world war one, it became popular again after the war, during the Art Deco period.

In fact, if you want a Royal Asscher cut, the Asscher brother’s descendants are the only ones who can provide you with this cut today, as they have a patent on it. Every royal cut Asscher Diamond in the world originates from them and only them.

The original Asscher cut has been “borrowed” by some diamond cutters and since it is not patented can be had from other sources, usually slightly less expensive than the Royal cut.

Of course if its exclusivity and exceptionality you’re looking for, a Royal Asscher cut diamond is a great path to pursue.

A Many Faceted Personality

The original Asscher cut was a square cut, with deep cut corners, almost giving you the appearance of being round. Slightly similar to the emerald cut, it was actually a modified cushion cut and had 58 facets. This cut as we mentioned is available through other sources than the Asschers.

However, the Royal Asscher cut is by far the more exclusive cut. It is similar in shape, but has a higher crown, 74 facets and can only be sourced from the patent holding Royal Asscher Company owned by the same original family, making Asscher cut engagement rings one of the most exclusive rings indeed.

I Can See Clearly Now

If you are starting to get the picture on the exceptionality and selectiveness of these diamonds, then you start to see why so many stars seek them out. Quality Asscher cut engagement rings require diamonds that are very rich in color and have exceptional clarity, to take advantage of such a magnificent sparkle producing cut.

Because of the clarity and color standards this cut requires, finding larger stones of over one carat with the quality needed are rare. Rare translates to value, which means larger stones with the potential to make an Asscher cut diamond are expensive.

It Just Cost A Little More To Go First Class

Buying Asscher cut engagement rings is not a lesson in frugality. They will cost you a little more than other cuts of diamonds, especially if you go with a Royal Asscher cut diamond. That being said, just like the old saying, “It just cost a little more to go first class,” Asscher cut diamonds are a class unto themselves.

Keep in mind though, just because Asscher cut diamonds do cost more, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a good value. Diamonds with Asscher cuts are highly sought after, and become an instant heirloom upon acquiring.

Gotta Have It, Where Can I Get It?

Buying Asscher cut engagement rings can be a little more difficult than your run of the mill princess cut rings. Exclusivity can translate to rare, but they are available with a little bit of research and shopping.

Most Asscher diamonds are found with upper-end jewelry stores or jewelers. Most of your high traffic low-quality chain stores will not carry or will carry very few of these matchless gems. You should always ask for certification and quality standards when working with any jewelry store or jeweler, but most of your upper end stores, reputation will precede them.

Vintage and antique jewelry stores do occasionally get quality examples of Asscher Engagement rings, as well as the occasional estate sale or pawn shop. However, caution should always be used when sourcing from these outlets, due to their lack of professional knowledge. Always arrange to get an expert opinion before you buy.

Online shopping has been a boom to finding these exceptional stones. At least you can quickly search the world market and find out the availability, quality and quantity offered in the market today. As all Royal Asscher diamonds come from the Asscher family, looking for a dealer that sources them direct from the family is a good place to start.

Asscher cut engagement rings are certainly not for everyone, and can get pricey. However, if you are looking for an option that is one of the best values in engagement ring styles, one that is pursued by the stars and considered an heirloom instantaneously, then it should be on your list of possibilities. Its matchless beauty, distinctive character and individuality make it a real prize. A prize that could be passed on for generations to come.