Asscher Cut Engagement Rings – Watch Out!

Authentic Asscher cut engagement rings are only available from the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. Today, there are many designers who have copied this beautiful design to create affordable replicas. But beware of the pitfalls!

A Royal Company

In 1902, Joseph Asscher designed and created the very first Asscher cut diamond. Thus, Asscher cut engagement rings were born. Mr. Asscher patented the cut so that it could not be duplicated by other diamond cutters.

His design is a modified square step cut. Resembling an emerald cut diamond, the Asscher cut diamond has long, step like facets and beveled corners. Asscher cut engagement rings were particularly popular during the Art Deco period where geometric shapes were in fashion.

Creating A Copy

The Asscher cut diamond was the first signature diamond to hold a patent. During World War II, the patent expired, giving other diamond cutters the ability to copy and market the design for themselves. Many cutters used the name Asscher cut diamond to describe their stones even if they didn’t match the proportions of the namesake.

For this reason, Asscher cut engagement rings became hard to distinguish. Not every cutter followed Mr. Asscher’s strict measurements, yielding stones that were less brilliant and not as well cut. These inferior copies still exist today.

A New Royal Design

The Asscher Diamond Company remained a strong company with a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. In 1980, Queen Juliana of Holland bestowed a royal title to the Asscher family who renamed the company the Royal Asscher Diamond Company.

In 2001, Edward and Joop Asscher enhanced the original Asscher design to create the Royal Asscher cut diamond. Like its predecessor, this design has been patented to protect its integrity.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Asscher cut engagement rings have entered a new era. With the introduction of the Royal Asscher cut, the debate has grown about what is an Asscher cut and how to value them.

Asscher cut engagement rings can be hard to distinguish. It would be difficult to identify an actual Asscher cut diamond prior to World War II unless it was accompanied by provenance and in a signed designer mounting. These rings come up for auction very rarely and are extremely expensive.

Royal Asscher cut engagement rings on the other hand are easy to identify. For starters, the cut is different from the original. This design features 74 facets instead of 58. Also, Royal Asscher cut engagement rings are laser inscribed with the Royal Asscher logo and a unique identification number. These inscriptions can only be seen under high powered magnification.

Copy That

Of course authentic Asscher cut engagement rings command top prices and are somewhat difficult to find – only being sold through select authorized retailers. There are, however, excellent and affordable options for those willing to shop around.

A number of skilled diamond cutters are creating copies of the original Asscher cut diamond. Sometimes called modified square emerald cuts, Asscher cut engagement rings with these diamonds are quite stunning.

Since they cost less, they tend to be thought of as less valuable. If you find a well cut Asscher cut diamond of top quality, it is no less valuable than a certified “royal” diamond. The reason for the high cost of Royal Asscher cut engagement rings is the fact that they are exclusive and limited in availability.

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