Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Vs Royal Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut engagement rings have grown in popularity in recent years. As the public has become more aware of this cut and increased their demand, some questions have come up regarding what is an Asscher cut and how do these rings compare to royal asscher cut engagement rings. The history of the cut is a long and prestigious one, having evolved today into the “gem” it is.

The Asscher Family Name

The name says it all. Asscher cut engagement rings are named after the Asscher family, a well-known diamond cutting family and founders of the Asscher Diamond Company. In 1902, Joseph Asscher created the original Asscher cut which was also patented by the company.

The Asscher Diamond Company has cut some of history’s most famous diamonds including the Excelsior and the Cullinan. Asscher diamond engagement rings were quite a rage especially through the Art Deco period where the clean lines and geometric shape of the diamond was complimentary to design.

A Royal Gem

In 1980, Queen Juliana of Holland bestowed the Asscher Diamond Company with a royal title. The company changed to the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, as they are known today.

Asscher cut engagement rings and jewelry has been wildly popular with royals including the Emperor of Japan, Queen Elizabeth II, as well as Hollywood celebrities.

In 2001, Edward and Joop Asscher introduced the Royal Asscher Cut, an improvement of the original design. Authentic royal Asscher cut engagement rings can only come from the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, which holds a patent on the new variation.

Anatomy Of The Asscher Cut

Asscher cut engagement rings are beautiful whether they feature the original cut or the so called “royal” version. In a purist’s mind, both cuts are actually square emerald cut or square step cut diamonds. This simply means that it is a variation of the emerald cut, being square as opposed to rectangular.

What makes Asscher cut engagement rings distinctive is the cutting style. As with the emerald cut, the Asscher cut features long flat facets in a step like pattern with beveled corners. This makes the diamond appear crystal clear, giving broad flashes of light.

What’s The Difference?

So what’s the difference between Asscher cut engagement rings? An Asscher cut diamond or a square emerald cut diamond, has 58 facets. The Royal Asscher cut diamond features 74 facets. Since the diamond is patented, you can only buy Royal Asscher cut engagement rings from an authorized dealer, making them more difficult to find.

Another difference between the Asscher cut engagement rings is the price. Of course, the authentic “royal” version commands top prices whereas, unbranded Asscher cut diamonds can be purchased for more competitive prices.

Buy For Quality, Not Size

When shopping for Asscher cut engagement rings, regardless of the designer, make sure you shop for the best quality stone money can buy. Because the design of the diamond creates a window into the stone, internal inclusions will stick out like a sore thumb.

You can find Asscher cut engagement rings online or in stores. If you want an authentic Royal Asscher cut, visit the company’s official website to find a retailer.

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