Asscher Cut Engagement Rings – Not For Any Diamond!

When considering Asscher cut engagement rings, it is important to know up front that quality matters. This special cut isn’t suited for just any diamond; but what it takes to be a member of the Asscher cut diamond’s club?

Quality Matters, Not Size

Asscher cut engagement rings are extremely popular these days. Not every shopper realizes though that size is not as important as quality. An Asscher cut diamond is cut in long, straight facets that create a window to the inside of the stone.

Internal inclusions in Asscher cut engagement rings will stand out like a sore thumb, especially inclusions that are dark in color or located in the center of the gem.

As a good rule of thumb, you’ll want to make sure that your diamond is graded as VS2 or higher to ensure you won’t be able to see inclusions with the naked eye.

What About Color?

Color is not as important in Asscher cut engagement rings as clarity. That said, it is unusual to find an Asscher cut diamond with a low color. A majority of these diamonds will be what is considered near colorless, graded as J color or higher.

Color becomes an issue in the ring mounting. Asscher cut engagement rings should be uniform in color, meaning that the center diamond and accent diamonds should be matched for color, being within 1 to 2 grades of one another.

A significant difference between the two will be noticeable to the eye, making one or the other appear yellow or brownish in color.

Well, Maybe Size Does Matter

Because of the cutting style, Asscher cut engagement rings will appear smaller than other diamond cuts of the same size. A one-carat Asscher cut diamond will measure close to 5.5mm in diameter compared to a round brilliant cut which will be 6.5mm in diameter.

This slight difference in size makes a huge difference in appearance. Combined with the fact that a brilliant diamond will produce more sparkle and therefore have a bigger impact.

You may find a difficult time finding Asscher cut engagement rings with a center stone smaller than a half carat.

Quality, Quality, Quality

It can not be emphasized enough that Asscher cut engagement rings should be of the highest quality. More than anything, size, color, or clarity, the cut is the foremost important factor.

Unfortunately, diamonds cutters will try to increase their bottom line by cutting corners and cutting diamonds to sub-par standards. Asscher cut engagement rings should be Very Good or Excellent cutting quality. Anything lower than that will not do the stone justice.

The original Asscher cut diamond, as well as modern Asscher cuts, have 58 facets. The Royal Asscher cut diamond was introduced in 2001, this modern variation features 74 facets and subsequently has a more brilliant appearance.

Take Your Time

When buying Asscher cut engagement rings, you should take your time, do your research and shop many places before making a decision. Unlike other cuts like the round brilliant or princess cut, your choices for Asscher cut engagement rings will be more limited.

It is very difficult to compare diamonds to one another, particularly with the Asscher cut. While you will find them online, you may do better to shop brick and mortar stores where you can compare several stones in person, side by side.

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