Asscher Cut Engagement Rings – Hunting Season!

Shopping Asscher cut engagement rings can be a challenge. Though they have grown in popularity, they are still difficult to find and selections are limited. Here is a quick guide to help you find the perfect stone.

Online Shopper

Typically, shoppers can expect to find the largest selection of Asscher cut engagement rings online. Here you can compare diamonds between retailers on the Internet.

When shopping online, however, pay special attention to the return policies and guarantees offered by the seller. You would be wise to buy from a retailer with a liberal return policy that gives you time to have the piece inspected by an independent jewelry appraiser to confirm the quality and value.

Brick & Mortar Store

For Asscher cut engagement rings, your best bet might be to shop a local brick and mortar jewelry store. Most jewelers will have the ability to import a selection of Asscher cut diamonds that fit your budget.

Having the ability to compare Asscher cut diamond engagement rings in person, side by side, is very important. Online retailers will have diamond certificates and photographs, but there is no substitute for a visual inspection.

A Royal Purchase

Authentic Royal Asscher cut engagement rings are even more difficult to find. The “royal” gems are only available from the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. There are only a handful of authorized retailers in the United States but they include major retailers like Neiman Marcus, Lee Michaels, and other well established jewelers.

Wearing a true royal ring is a great distinction. A majority of Asscher cut engagement rings are not authentic to the diamond’s namesake. The Royal Asscher cut is more intense than the traditional versions, featuring 74 facets instead of the standard 58.

Antique Stores, Auction Houses & Pawn Shops

You may be lucky enough to come across Asscher cut engagement rings in unusual places. It is possible to purchase an antique Asscher cut ring. The cut was first introduced in 1902. Many vintage styles will be from the Art Deco period when geometric design and clean lines were very popular.

Asscher cut engagement rings that go for auction are likely to be important pieces. These would be large stones, extremely high quality diamonds and/or antique pieces.

Always use caution buying jewelry from a pawn shop. Unless you’ve done your research and know what you’re looking at, it is easy to have the wool pulled over your eyes.

Take Your Time And Set A Budget

Don’t rush when shopping for Asscher cut engagement rings. It is important to shop around, visiting several brick and mortar retailers as well as online options before making a decision. The goal should be to see as many stones in your budget as possible to choose the perfect ring.

Creating a budget for Asscher cut engagement rings isn’t always easy. These rings are not for someone looking for a cheap ring. Quality is the foremost important factor and you should allocate enough money to get a diamond that is VS2 clarity or higher and that exhibits Very Good or Excellent cutting style.

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