Antique Engagement Rings Vs Vintage Engagement Rings

If the idea of antique engagement rings has perked your curiosity, you will soon find that sometimes they are referred to as vintage engagement rings.

Although many people use the terms like they are interchanging there is a difference and you should make sure you are aware of what these differences are before you buy.

I May Be Vintage, But I’m Not That Old

It sounds crazy but the term vintage engagement rings can apply to antique engagement rings, but the reverse is not always true. The big thing to remember is if a ring is over fifty years old it is considered to be an antique, whereas vintage is a broader term that refers to nearly all previously owned jewelry from certain eras that may or may not be antique.

So If I’m Older, Does That Mean I’m Better?

Antique engagement rings do come from an era when craftsmanship was more highly prized and therefore are more sought after. Does the simple fact that a piece of jewelry has passed the fifty year mark make it more valuable than a vintage piece that is less than fifty years old? Not necessarily.

There are vintage pieces that have not reached antique status that are highly sought after and there are antique pieces that are not particularly interesting or well crafted. However, as a whole, pieces from eras over fifty years old are rarer and therefore, have the added value of exclusivity and often considered to be instant heirlooms.

To Want Antique, Is To Era On The Side Of Vintage

Rings under the broad term of vintage engagement rings considered the most valuable and sought after come from three eras, that are all over fifty years, making them antique engagement rings.

One of the things you can do to save confusion is to look for rings from the three most popular eras, Victorian 1835-1900, Edwardian 1900-1920 and Art Deco 1920-1930. These three eras produced some of the most unique, stylish and rare designs that are seldom found in jewelry today.

Kicking Tires And Checking Mileage

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at vintage or antique engagement rings is the fact that both of these labels refer to rings that have been previously worn. Both should be examined closely.

Antique engagement rings have been around for over fifty years, so it’s even more important to inspect not only the prongs, but the ring band for wear and cracks. Stones should be inspected as well for chips, cracks and even for replacement stones that don’t match others in the set.

All of these can affect the value of the ring and its long term wear-ability. Just remember that these rings have more mileage on them than a new one.

Labels, Smabels, It’s All About Her

The last thing to keep in mind when looking at antique engagement rings or vintage is what really matters and that is her. Whether you choose an antique or a vintage ring, if it expresses the love you have for her and somehow tells her what she means to you, then you have found the ring that was meant to be.

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