Antique Engagement Rings – Heirlooms And Recycling The Old

There are a lot of reasons for choosing antique engagement rings. Some people just love to take something old and renew its usefulness, while others are passed on a family heirloom.

Whether you feel strongly about recycling the old, but have a ring that is less than desirable or have been given a family heirloom that is downright hideous, don’t despair because there are some great solutions to make both of these scenarios provide the “happily ever after” ending you’re looking for.

I May Be Old, But I Sure Am Ugly

Before you pass sentence on that seemingly ugly old ring, the first thing you should do is either clean it or have it cleaned. Antique engagement rings that have collected dirt and grime over years or have just sat in a jewelry box can look quite dull and unattractive.

With polishing the band, cleaning the setting and buffing up the stones you may actually find some intricate features about the ring that you hadn’t noticed before. If nothing else, you may find it now has some possibilities.

Was It The Band, Or Was I Stoned?

When it comes to recycling antique engagement rings there are two approaches people often take. One is to replace the stones in the band with larger, better quality or a different type. The other is to take the antique stones and have them mounted into another setting.

A great place to start when facing this dilemma is with a qualified jeweler that can give you some ideas for creating a unique and lovely ring from the basic elements of the original.

When it comes to heirloom rings, disposing of the band or the stones can be a bit more of a touchy subject. More times than not, if you can add stones or modify the ring from its original state without disposing of any of the old, it is an easier sale to the family member passing it down.

Again, starting here with a reputable jeweler can give you some idea of what can be accomplished to give you the look you want while maintaining much of the rings original charm.

Thinking Outside The Engagement Ring Box

Another consideration when looking at antique engagement rings is recycling or redoing an heirloom/antique ring that was not originally an engagement ring at all.

Many wonderful old antique dinner rings could become lovely engagement rings with just the change of a stone, or the addition of several other stones. A simple antique wedding band could become an exquisite engagement ring with the addition of a solitaire setting.

The stones of an old set of wedding bands, antique broaches or even ear rings might be placed in a new setting that offers you the opportunity to have a much more prestigious ring that you could otherwise afford. The possibilities are endless and exclusivity is only limited by your imagination.

The key in all of this is keeping the right attitude towards the old, while you develop the new. There is always some value in antique engagement rings, it is the style changes through generations, that sometimes leave them lacking in desire. Embracing that value, with a creative eye for what it could be will take the stress out of heirloom gloom and add exclusivity beyond reproach to a recycled creation.

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