Antique Engagement Rings – Digging for Treasure?

One of the fastest growing segments for pre-nuptials is antique engagement rings.  Their inherent charm, unique looks and ability to become instant heirlooms has made them an excellent choice.  The most attractive thing about them is dollar for dollar they are a fantastic buy, especially if you know where to look.

Great Bargains Might Really Be In The Basement!

Start your search at home, or maybe mom and dad’s home, Aunt Clara’s or cousin Vinnie’s.  Many times valuable antique engagement rings were owned by a relative who left them to another relative, who pitched them in the bottom of a jewelry box never to be seen again.  If you have a favorite aunt or uncle, they may have one of these and be glad to help you on your way to setting up your new life, or at least offering you a bargain.

While your treasure hunting your friends and relatives, don’t overlook rings that aren’t engagement rings but have nice stones.  You could always have them set into something more desirable and stones like emeralds, sapphires and rubies are growing in popularity as stones of choice for the unusual engagement ring.

Auctions For Action, It’s Where Antique Dealers Go To Shop

When most people start looking for antique engagement rings they go to an antique shop of course.  But where do you think most of the dealers get their merchandise.  Auctions and estate sales are their biggest source of supply.

Almost every newspaper and shopper in America has a listing every week of auctions in your area and what they are going to have for sale.  Start hawking the list for antique jewelry and you could very well find the deal of a lifetime while having a heck of a lot of fun doing it.

Don’t Be Blind, When Your Looking Online

One of the first places everyone starts their search for antique engagement rings is online.  However, many people start looking at antique shops, jewelry dealers and such, overlooking some of the more obvious places like EBay, Craig’s List and social networks.   When you’re looking at antique jewelry the possibilities are endless.

Queen To Rooks Pawn

Pawn shops can have some amazing deals on antique rings.  When you think of where their supply comes from you think of people down on their luck, but often times its old family jewelry, divorces and even estate sales.

If you do buy from a pawn shop make some type of arrangement to have the ring appraised at a reputable jeweler before you make the final purchase or get a written guarantee that allows you to return it once you have had it appraised.

Vintage And Antique Shops For The Fastest Finds

Vintage and Antique Shops along with many of your individually owned jewelry stores will have antique engagement rings in stock and be more knowledgeable about what’s in the market and what you are looking for in a particular style.  If money is not an object and time is of the essence you might want to start here.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping anywhere for antique engagement rings is your selection needs to reflect those special feeling you have for her and find a way to tell her you will love her always and forever.

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